Families Against Addiction

Assisting Families Who Are Affected by Addiction and Accompanying Mental Disorders







Understanding how addiction and mental health has impacted the family unit. Knowing the cycle of addiction and how the disease concept relates to the current drug crises. Aware of drug addiction and mental health advocacies. Informed healthy decisions based on realistic findings.







Implementing new communication skills. Acknowledging emotions and feelings at the height of a crisis and throughout the analytical process. Developing new thought patterns to alter negative attitudes by instilling hope and change. Maintaining healthy habits by examining objective realities. Focusing on the facts. Remove negative behavior.







Families begin to realize that their self-worth is important and start to have a healthier relationship within the family unit. Being able to empower oneself leads to creating an identity valuable to the reunification of one’s family unit. Implementing various skills learned in support group as part of ongoing life lessons.

Support Group Counseling Services

Set in a nonjudgmental setting, which allows family members to tell their stories, while facilitators pay attention to the way members perceive their family dynamic. An analysis on how the pattern flows between environment and family is taken into account. Autonomy is the right to make critical decisions about one’s own destiny which is encouraged. Referrals resources related to individual circumstances are given when appropriately needed.

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Ending the Cycle of Addiction one family at a time