Families Against Addiction

Assisting Families Who Are Affected by Addiction and Accompanying Mental Disorders

About the Organization


Families Against Addiction Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to remove the stigma of addiction. The group focuses on families that are effected by their loved ones, who have a substance abuse disorder plus any co-occurring mental health disorders. Families Against Addiction Inc. gives you an alternative choice from the traditional 12 step programs. Families Against Addiction Inc. specifically focuses on each family member, helps identify their issues, solution focused to develop new coping skills to reach a healthy balance in life. Overall, Families Against Addiction Inc. is knowledge driven.

About the Founder

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I saw a need to help families who were struggling silently in their homes as they witnessed how drug addiction destroyed their families. As a social worker, I felt the need to address the social problem which plagued every community across the country. I was not immune, no different from the next mom as my son had a substance abuse disorder and struggled years before getting the appropriate help needed. Reaching a life of recovery for my son as well as the whole family, at the time felt, almost impossible to foresee. Our family struggled years revolving around the addiction cycle. Each family member reacted differently and eventually the family dynamic broke down.

I took the lead in the family and decided to practice what I preached. Since, I had a BSW from Georgian Court University, and a MSW from Monmouth University along with a certification in Social work, I took a step back and viewed my own personal family crisis in a more objective way. I was self-determined to help my own family and others at this point in time. In addition, a degree in business administration was a plus. Therefore, out of a personal crisis Families Against Addiction Inc. came to fruition. No one should have to suffer in silence.

Now, I facilitate a support group in Old Bridge NJ for any family member who has been effected by a loved one that has succumbed to drug addiction. I promote social responsibility and self-determination. I set a nonjudgmental atmosphere for anyone in need to elaborate on their personal family problem. I offer an alternative to the traditional 12 step programs. I engage with family members with a solution focused approach. I advocate for families by attending township meetings. Through my networking I offer referral services and follow up with each family on a weekly basis. I practice the social work core values, and ethical practices. I educate families about addiction and drugs. I help empower families to make changes by offering multiple options leading to healthier decision. Mostly, help families live a more balanced healthier life.




How I Survived My Son’s Heroin Addiction

Addiction a chronic disease that ravaged my family for years.

The erratic behavior, breakdown of the family unit put us all in tears.

The wishing hoping and dreaming kept us all alive.

Day after day, week after week, month after month we managed to survive.

Deep into the addiction cycle we all were immersed,

Sometimes I simply thought we were all cursed.

My faith was questioned and shame and sorrow set in,

But once I realized no one was going to win,

I took back my life even though you were my son.

Now I am free to speak out loud expressing all the emotions, and have some fun.

Yes, my son is a heroin addict and follows his own path of recovery

While I try to do the same without shame.

Now, I am free to smile as I bury the frowns in the past

Only sharing my story with others will release me and break the old cast.

Our relationship has taken a turn in the right direction,

Yet now I am complete after I made a few corrections

Today I educate to change in order to live

I am complete and content to love and still give.





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"Families Against Addiction Inc. came to fruition years after drug addiction entered my home. I silently struggled in shame trying desperately to understand addiction and get the help my son needed. Needless to say, addiction spread through my family like a cancer destroying everyone it touched. At first, my reaction was similar to most moms “not my son” or “how could this happen to us” being an educated, middleclass, suburban mom. Yet, there is no rationale when it comes to addiction. My daughter is a lawyer so how could my son become a heroin addict. After periods of denial I was forced to address the elephant in the room. My son went through countless rehabs, detox centers, short time in jail, individual counseling as well as group counseling before he finally reached a long period of recovery. This entire time I was able to get professional help for my son yet, there was limited services for the family. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to tell my story yet, most family members or friends did not want to hear it any more. It was like a plague that entered my home. Friends were gone and I am sure most of you reading this can fill in the blanks. I was heartbroken and financially spent by this period. Who and where could I turn too? Where were the services for the family? Drug addiction is a family disease therefore, I founded Families Against Addiction Inc. and offer support services to the Old Bridge NJ Township and surrounding areas. Now, no family should suffer in silence."


Maureen McLoughlin


Families Against Addiction